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CFM Preparation Ltd has been established for over 2 decades in the industrial sector and has extended our expertise into shot blasting or soda blasting, a revolutionary cleaning service, suitable for modern day eco-aware requirements. We can also offer traditional shot-blasting with many different types of media to suit your requirements.

CFM Preparation Ltd can provide shot blasting services on-site where possible or arrange for work to be performed at our premises. We provide full soda/sand blasting service for stripping, cleaning and restoration of all domestic, commercial or industrial requirements including equipment, vehicles, machinery, plant, buildings, marine, aerospace, architecture and the food and leisure industries.

Antique Farm Machinery - shot blasting and painting for a customer

Mill Scale removed from wind turbine caps, blasted ready for painting.

We can cater for all your shot blasting needs, commercial, industrial, domestic.

Contact us on 01206 321 222 for more information.

Soda blasting, effective cleaning for delicate items such as car engines.